As a home-based business (HBB), you take on multiple roles. Like many other HBBs - we're our own chef, we also handle procurement, marketing and finances. To top it off, we’re also the only photographer.
As we at Sebati work hard to achieve the kind of photos we like, several food HBBs took notice of this and asked for our help with their product photos. We eventually extended an invitation and have since had the honour to work with various HBBs that carry different food items.
Today, while we’ve received amazing feedback for our photography service - we believe in taking the next step and empowering more HBBs with the knowledge of doing so themselves. Food photography is a much-needed skill set! This is why we've come up with an eBook that contains 5 tips on food photography using your smartphone. This beginner-friendly ebook is valuable for everyone who's starting out. 

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Know this, though, when we first started taking photos for Sebati, we had 300+ shots but used only ⅛ of it. We figured it was counterproductive as we spent too much time filtering photos to be used.
But the experiments that took place from Day 1 were essential. Today, we only take around 35 shots and use them all for multiple purposes! At the start, take a bunch of photos, move things around a bit, add some props, take a bunch more photos, and repeat. You'll get to where you want to be. We believe you can do it.

Download the ebook now to begin your journey into taking photos that make your customers’ mouth water.

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