is the Malay word that defines what is (extremely) fitting, friendly or united - so much so that it is difficult to separate or isolate

We are made up of a husband and wife team that has the vision to empower and spread goodness through our delectable bakes.


With these multiple hats on, we dream of bringing you closer to your loved ones and be a part of your celebrations, as we serve honest, fresh and wholesome Shepherd's Pies and more!


Sebati food, for our Sebati community.

(amat) sesuai atau mesra, bersatu padu - sehingga sukar memisahkan atau mengasingkannya

He is in charge of logistics and overall operations.​ As the Sous Chef, he is now a professional at whipping up the aromatic mashed potato in our Shepherd's Pies that everyone loves. 

She is the Head Chef, and does all the Marketing work involved from photography to content creation. Without him, she would not have known the importance of effective procurement. 

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